Whirlwind Williams Pinball Game – $5,295

Whirlwind… What a great midwest theme. Its all about tornadoes. This is a Pat Lawlor classic… Pat Lawlor is one of the most famous designers of our decade… He made: Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Earthshaker, Banzai run, and countless others. This game is a super rare whirlwind. It is a high end restoration. All new plastics, new cloud topper, new decals for the cloud, brand new ramps, all LED lights, even a brand new playfield was installed. Over 200 hours went into this game. Cabinet even has automotive clear coat to make it look brand new and shiny. It has an automative clear coated play field (brand new), all new rubber bands, everything cleaned and completely rebuilt and all new spinner decals and drop target decals as well. Very cute and kid / family friendly. Always been in a pet free / smoke free home. This game has: 3 flippers, 6 pop bumpers, lots of ramps, 1 kick out holes,  and lots of targets. Excellent graphics and artwork by artist John Youssi. Game looks and plays great! Ready for delivery or ready to ship..

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