Twister Sega Pinball Game – $3,695

Twister! What a great movie… what a great game… Designed by John Borg, he also designed Tron, Metallica, Kiss, Iron Man, Apollo 13 and many other games for Stern and Sega Pinball… Artwork by Paul Faris, he did a lot of famous artwork back in the 80s for bally some of his games were: Centaur, Space Invaders, Future Spa, Paragon, and many others. This game features tons of shots, lots of ramps… stationary targets / drop targets… The game also features a 4 ball multi ball! This game copied some of the best features of Whirlwind which was made by williams in 1989… A fan on top of the game… and a spinning disc in the middle of the playfield. Whirlwind and Pat Lawlor was the originator of those 2 toys. Overall a fun game… and very family oriented. This game is special, we bought this from a Warner Brothers empoloyee, it was in her office, Sega pinball gave her a game in 1996 for her help with the licensing of the film to the pinball world. It has low plays… less than 500 plays looks and plays like it was just pulled out of the box. This is a collector quality –┬áHome Use only – Never been on location game. The game is ready for delivery or ready to ship. The game comes with our standard warranty…

Twister3 Twister2 Twister














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