Twilight Zone Bally Pinball Game – $8,250

Another one of Pat Lawlor’s most famous games, Twilight Zone Bally Pinball game. Excellent theme, great music, 4 flippers, 16 modes, 4 different multi ball modes, Power ball mode (ceramic pinball), working clock, working gumball machine, the list never ends! Sure to be a hit at any party! Even has a magnetic upper playfield with magnetic flippers. Tons of combo shots, lots of targets, a wide body game with an intense 6 ball multi ball. This one is special, its in amazing condition – a non faded cabinet which is rare, itĀ has a few tastefulĀ pinball mods. It has upgraded LED clock LEDs, the rocket ship mod, gumballs in the gumball machine, etc. Fully shopped out / restored and working 100%. Very family friendly game. Ready for delivery or ready to ship. Add $400 for a color dmd display. Add $500 for a full LED kit for the entire game.

img_2034 img_2035 img_2036 img_2038 img_2039


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