Twilight Zone Bally Pinball Game Super High End Restore – $14,500

Another one of Pat Lawlor’s most famous games, Twilight Zone. Excellent theme, super kid and family friendly, and great music. This  game is super special. Its better than brand new… its better than “home use only”. This is a High End Pins Restoration. Done by Chris Hutchins – the owner of high end pins. Over 300 man hours went into restoring this game. The game has over $8,000 in labor from High End Pins. Add to that a brand new clear coated play field and a brand new cabinet and new art work decals, plastic set, ramps, target switches, etc… The build / restoration labor and parts exceeds over $10,000 in this special Twilight Zone. Thus, this game is better than new or home use only. This game has:  4 flippers, 16 modes, 4 different multi ball modes, Power ball mode, 2 play fields, magnets, working gumball machine, working clock, 3 pop bumpers, stationary targets, the list never ends! Great layout – great shots, lots of cool toys. It even has a 3 ball and 6 ball multi ball. Excellent graphics and dot animation. Game looks and plays great! We installed all LED lights to the whole game, to reduce power consumption on the lighting circuits and to make the colors pop and really vibrant. We also installed the new LED clock onto boards to make the working clock more reliable. Game is amazing to play… plays like a new game. Add $500 for the installation of a Color DMD display unit. Ready for delivery or ready to ship. Sure to be a hit at any party!

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