Theater of Magic Prototype Bally Pinball Game – $14,995

Theater of Magic – one of John Papadiuk’s classic games. This one is ultra special and rare. Its an authentic prototype game. Only a handful of these made it out of the Williams factory. I’m told less than 6 of them from an Ex-Williams employee. Its a true prototype with Red circuit boards under the play field. It has the working spinning tiger saw and the pop up ball saver post below the two flippers. Super rare! An excellent all around kid friendly game. Tons of toys, tons of magnets. Very sought after by collectors in the regular production game – but a prototype game its even more desireable. A definite A list title. One of John Papadiuk’s best works. Add $400 for a color dmd display unit! This game has: 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, lots of ramps, 2 kick out holes,  and lots of targets. Excellent graphics and dot animation. Game looks and plays great! Ready for delivery or ready to ship..

IMG_2062 IMG_2064 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 IMG_2067 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2074-2 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2080 IMG_2081

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