The Pinball Restoration Process

Every restored pinball machine we sell includes the following:
1. 45 Day Warranty (excludes playfield plastics, plastic ramps and labor)
2. Lifetime Phone Technical Support (to the original buyer)
3. Lifetime Pinball Parts Support!

Additionally, each machine receives approximately 50 hours of pinball restoration work before it heads out the door. Read on to see what we do!

07/27/08 – Recent restoration work completed on Black Knight 2000

Step 1: We remove ALL of the parts from the top of a playfield (plastics, light bulbs, rubber, ramps, assemblies, etc.)

Step 2: All plastics are thoroughly cleaned so that colors are crisp and vibrant. Even lighted plastic inserts are cleaned for maximum brightness!

06/10/08 – Recent restoration work completed on Hurricane

Step 3: All ramps are completely removed, cleaned and polished using our secret process that makes them look almost brand new!

Step 4: Playfield is cleaned and polished. We use only Novus brand plastic polishes.

04/21/08 – Recent restoration work completed on World Cup Soccer

Step 5: Playfield is waxed with THREE coats of pinball wax.

Step 6: Brand new light bulbs, flashers and strobes are installed in the playfield and backbox. (Over 200 bulbs are replaced whether they need it or not!)

03/10/08 – Recent restoration work completed on Theater of Magic

Step 7: Brand new rubber is installed on the playfield, flippers, posts, slingshots etc. In many machines, over 40 pieces of rubber are installed!

Step 8: Flippers, jet bumpers and slingshots are completely stripped down then rebuilt underneath the playfield. (This makes your pinball machine play like it just left the factory!)

01/15/08 – Recent restoration work completed on Jurassic Park

Step 9: All ball troughs are cleaned and polished underneath the playfield.

Step 10: All colored inserts underneath the playfield are cleaned for maximum clarity and brightness.

11/23/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Whitewater

Step 11: All lamp board PCB’s are cleaned, checked and tested. New bulbs are installed in all lamp PCB’s. We also test all working components and circuit boards for proper voltage and voltage fluctuations.

Step 12: Power supplies, bridge rectifiers, capacitors, relays and fuses are checked, restored, or replaced as necessary. Additionally, all circuit boards are tested for proper operation and voltage.

11/01/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Star Trek Next Generation

Step 13: Cabinet is cleaned on the outside and vacuumed on the inside.

Step 14: Backbox translite or backglass is cleaned both inside and out.

10/17/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Star Wars

Step 15: Coin doors are removed and completely repainted if necessary.

Step 16: Cabinet is cleaned, then waxed for extra shine!

09/25/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Star Trek The Next Generation

Step 17: Brand new pinballs are shipped with your game.

Step 18: Brand new tempered playfield glass is installed. (Not included with 1970’s classic pinball machines.)

09/03/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Twilight Zone

Step 19: Brand new chrome (or anodized black) legs, leg bolts, leg levelers and casters are shipped with your machine. (Not included with 1970’s classic pinball machines.)

Step 20: Game and machine components are thoroughly play tested to make sure it functions according to original factory specifications.

Additionally, we also update the game ROM’s, or software, on every pinball machine we sell to make sure you have the latest update. Why? Sometimes revisions were made to the code after the pinball machine was released to enhance the playability of the game or fix bugs. More often than not, the pinball machines we restore have the original version. So we remove and reprogram the machine so that you have the latest and greatest with every purchase!

07/28/07 – Recent restoration work completed on Gilligan’s Island


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