The Addams Family Bally Pinball Game – $7,495

The Addams Family¬†game needs no introduction…. a Classic game. One of Pat Lawlors Best games Ever. A great theme, 4 flippers, 5 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, lots of stationary targets, thing hand, rotating bookcase… what more could you want! This game is exceptional. Its always in the top 10 want lists. Great ruleset and amazing artwork by John Youssi. Fun for the whole family. Always been in a smoke free environment. Fully shopped out / restored and working 100%. Very family friendly game. Ready for delivery or ready to ship. Add $400 for the color dmd display… Add $350 for LED light Kit for the game….

Back box Coin slots Instructions Mansion Playfield Powered up Side view


Below is a photo of the game with a color dmd installed / and LED lights…

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