Tales from the Crypt Data East Prototype Pinball Game – $4,495

Tales from the Crypt is one of the most popular horror themes of all time…. Designed by John Borg – he did many game designs for Data East Pinball before moving to Stern pinball. With Stern pinball he designed Tron, Metallica, and many others. This is a very popular game. This is a very rare prototype version of the game… Less than 20 of these exist. It has different play field artwork and back glass artwork… The cabinet is also different. Its a lot darker in color than the production games. Very fast flowing game…. Great layout – great shots, lots of cool toys. It even has a 6 ball multi ball. Tons of drop targets and other targets to hit. Excellent graphics and dot animation. The game comes with the rare back box topper. Its not shown in the pictures. Finally, the game has been outfitted with LED lights. Game looks and plays great! Ready for delivery or ready to ship.

P1170321 P1170319 P1170324 P1170325 P1170326 P1170327 P1170328  P1170331 P1170339 P1170340 P1170341

P1170323 P1170329

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