Star Wars Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition Model Stern Pinball Games

This is Steve Ritchie’s newest Stern game… This is the Star Wars Pinball game. We have all the models ready for shipping. Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition version… Only 600 Limited Edition games will be made.. Each one comes with a certificate and a numbered plaque on the back box speaker panel. Perfect for the huge Star Wars fan. Super Rare. Excellent rules… super fast game play. Lots of cool toys… There’s a death star, kick back, 2 ramps, and a quick U turn shot, full color animation display unit on the playfield and in the back box. Lots of stationary targets, a 5 target drop target bank, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, Etc. The game is super fast and has smooth ramp flow, excellent art work, and very cool toys complete the package. Excellent sound package as well.  The game is super popular and super fun. Very kid family and friendly game. Ready for delivery or ready to ship. Game comes with warranty.

Please email or call us for pricing.

Star Wars Pro Model Pictures.

Stern-StarWars-Pro-Cabinet-LF smStern-StarWars-Pro-Cabinet-RF sm Stern-StarWars-Pro-Playfield Xsm

Star Wars Premium Model Pictures.

Stern-StarWars-Prem-Cabinet-LFXStern-StarWars-Prem-Cabinet-RFXStern-StarWars-LE-Playfield smXX

Star Wars Limited Edition Model Pictures.

Stern-StarWars-LE-Cabinet-LF smStern-StarWars-LE-Cabinet-RFXsmStern-StarWars-LE-Playfield smXX




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