Lethal Weapon 3 Data East Pinball Game – $2,495

One of the more popular cop and bad guys themes of all time, Lethal Weapon 3 Data East Pinball Game …. Designed by Joe Kaminkow and Ed Cebula. This is a very popular game. Super fun game, great for the whole family. Lots of targets to hit… Very fun ramp shots! Very fast flowing game…. Great layout – great shots, lots of cool toys. It even has a 2 ball and 3 ball multi ball. Tons of drop targets and other targets to hit. Excellent graphics and dot animation. Game looks and plays great! Ready for delivery or ready to ship.

P1170417 P1170418 P1170419 P1170420 P1170421 P1170415 P1170424 P1170416 P1170426

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