King of Diamonds Gottlieb Pinball Game – $3,750

This is a 1967 Gottlieb Flipper Clown EM (electro mechanical) pinball game. King of Diamonds, Designed by Ed Krynski Only 3200 ever made back in 1967, not sure how many survived and are still around. This is a single player game, meaning only 1 player at a time. Excellent condition for its age. Over 50 years old. This game has been completely redone…  New cabinet / and back box stencil graphics, new plastics, new backglass, even a new playfield has been installed. It will be hard to find one in better condition than this one. This game has 2 flippers, 5 stationary targets, back box animation, 2 pop bumpers, 3 slingshots, and 2 roto targets. A great EM game for those not wanting to go solid state. The game is ready for delivery or ready to ship. 

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