Junk Yard Bally Pinball Game – $4,795

Junk Yard pinball, what a neat game… This game was designed by Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan. Barry Oursler worked on many games: Pinbot, Jack-bot, Dirty Harry, Comet, Cyclone, just to name a few. Artwork designed by: Paul Barker, Pat McMahon, and Linda Deal. The game has 2 flippers, 2 slingshots, 14, stationary targets, 2 ramps, a toilet shot, a working crane, and a dog that comes out of the dog house, and 4 video modes, and lots of multi balls. It also has great ball flow too! It is an awesome theme that is very family oriented. An enjoyable game by all ages. This game is ready for delivery or ready for shipping. Add $500 if you want LED lights installed throughout the game.

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