Irons and Woods Sega Prototype Pinball Game $12,000

Irons and Woods is a super rare game. This used to belong to one of the employee’s at Sega. The only one in existence that we know of. Its perfect for a golf fan. Its the ultimate golf pinball game. If you make every hole in par or under, there’s a dispenser in the back box, and a golf ball will roll out and drop into the little pocket below the plunger mechanism. Its super cool. This is a prototype game, meaning it was never produced in mass quantities and never made it in production. Thats why there’s only one of them in the world. If you look closely even the plastics on the game are hand painted. This game is literally hand built from scratch.¬†¬†This one is in great condition. Fully shopped out / restored and working 100%. Very family friendly game. Ready for delivery or ready to ship.

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