Iron Man Vault Edition Stern Pinball Game – $7,495

The Iron Man Stern Pinball Game is one of the most popular super heroes of our time…. Iron Man part of the Marvel universe. Designed by John Borg – he also did Tron, Metallica, and many others. This is a very popular game. This is the rare Vault Edition. Great new artwork. Great layout – great shots, lots of cool toys. There’s lots of flow in the long ramp shots, the Iron Monger rises up from the center of the play field that you get to bash, there’s lots of magnets to whip the ball around and randomize your shots, the spinners, the stationary targets, the war machine kickback all add to an amazingly fast game. Lots of ball kinetics and great flow. Another smash hit by Stern Pinball. Furthermore, we changed out all the regular light bulbs with modern LED lights, we added a very cool custom made pinball topper, and we installed a shaker motor kit. Very kid / family friendly. We also added a Color DMD display. This game is special – its like new in condition. My client bought it brand new in the box. This game has never seen arcade or bar use… Always been in a pet free / smoke free home. This game has less than 250 plays on it. This game has: 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, lots of ramps, 2 kick out holes,  and lots of targets. Excellent graphics and dot animation. Game looks and plays great! Ready for delivery or ready to ship..

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