Medieval Madness Remake Williams Pinball Game – $8,000 + Shipping

The holy grail of pinball…Medieval Madness, one of the most popular games ever made… Always on the #1 A list game of collectors. Designed by Brian Eddy, software by Lyman Sheats, and artwork by Greg Freres and John Youssi. A must for any pinball enthusiast and a great addition to your collection. What can we say about this game that hasn’t been said? Its got one of the most amazing rulesets around. Has tons of toys (trolls that pop out in front of you), a castle that shakes and blows up, excellent ball flow and ramps, tons of speed and excitement. We can even install a color DMD on this gem for $400 extra. Its a fun game for the whole family. This is the Chicago Gaming  re-make of the original game. Its an authorized Williams product by Planetary Pinball / and Chicago Gaming. Game is an exact reproduction of the original. This game will accommodate up to 4 players. Brand new / sealed in the box. Working 100%. Very family and kid friendly game. Ready for delivery or ready to ship. We love this game so much, we own one in our personal collection! Ready by Xmas! Game is $8,000 plus shipping (about $425) came comes from the factory in Chicago.

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