Banzai Run Williams Pinball Game – $5,995

The Banzai Run Williams Pinball Game is Pat Lawlor’s first pinball machine! Artwork by Mark Sprenger. Pat started his career with this game. Banzai Run. Super rare game… about 700 ever produced.  Excellent rules… super fast game play. Lots of stationary targets, very cool toys complete the package. Excellent sound package as well. This game even has 2 playfields an upper and a lower playfield. The theme is great, dirt bike racing. The Upper Playfield is full vertical – its like playing vertical pinball. This is the only game that has this. The game is super popular and super fun. Ready for delivery or ready to ship.

P1170393 P1170394 P1170384 P1170385 P1170386 P1170389 P1170390 P1170391 P1170394 P1170380 P1170381 P1170394 P1170383P1170382

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